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Valium 5mg xanax 20mg Citation: IAmTheRider. "In My Head: An Experience with Xanax (exp1375)". Jul 30, 2006. DOSE: 3 hits oral Xanax (pill/tablet) BODY WEIGHT: 150 lb [Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are extremely high, typically resulting in very strong effects. Many users will experience severe psychological effects or death, both. When taking this substance, it is important to use harm reduction practices (like a condom) to reduce the risk of exposure to overdose and death.] I am not sure how supposed to explain this a friend of mine, but I found myself in a very peculiar mental state. It was not valium 10mg 2ml like I going through Is valium available in uk normal, day-to-day things. I had an intense desire to drive and it was not to be had. I felt like there was a car somewhere just to the left of house I was in and the thought of driving a car would make me feel so alive in a way I had never experienced before. The fact that I wanted to drive so much and was not even tempted to walk on the street, I could say that it was very weird indeed. The following is an account of the experience: The first thing I noticed was that there a car in the driveway Online pharmacy generic xanax to my house, right by the door, and it felt like was right next to me just a few inches behind my head. I was afraid that it had been stolen so I opened the door and there it stood with the driver's side door closed. I was expecting to see a man sitting in the seat, but when I got to the window it was woman, and she staring laughing I knew wanted me to come get her. I walked to the doorway and she put her hands on my shoulders and laughed. Her voice was very soft, almost like her voice would go on forever. I could see her smiling through dark glasses. I felt a bit awkward that her hair was a little longer than usual and the strands were not pulled in very tightly. She told me that I was welcome to ride with her for 10 minutes but that I was not to drive and that I could take as long needed, but that I would have to pay at the end. She gave me directions to a motel off of I-71 and I valium 20 mg online got out my car and started down the drive in middle of town. It felt like there were hundreds of cars, but it felt like one in particular was right front of me. I had to wait for it pass me, but felt like it was taking a while. I felt like needed to get off the road, so I turned left into a driveway and kept going. I started seeing cars everywhere and a few of the people there were looking over at me. I turned off of 70 to get on 91 and saw that the car was now right behind me, the car was a white GMC Yukon with blue and grey stripes. I could tell that she wasn't a normal person right off the bat. They would have to explain that me, but she was not one of us, but just an out of place person. She had a dark tan line between her valium 10mg uk eyebrows which I could feel was coming out from somewhere in her brain. It looked almost like a wart on her head. The lines were so dark it was almost like she wearing black sunglasses. I could feel her eyes on me when I looked her way even though she could see me. I saw that she had some type of bracelet on with a large gold band, and I could see a small white heart with it on the side of band, almost just like a tattoo. She was wearing red jacket and white jeans was smoking a cigarette, but she didn't look normal in a way. I felt my hands were shaking but I couldn't say why. Then the car pulled up behind me and I felt her eyes go away from me, but I felt like there was still some part of her behind my head. I felt the car accelerate and tires get very loud I could see how she had to slow down for me. Then she took off. I tried trying to get out my keys it moving, but she grabbed my right wrist and squeezed it. The entire time I couldn't move, but could feel her grip on me. I heard a loud crash, but I could feel her feet on the floor and then I felt something hit me. like my back was in pain so I pulled my hand away and looked over to see the car crashed into a tree. I could see the car still burning and I saw the woman standing out of it with her shirt ripped. She was covered in glass, and her face was burning.

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