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Valium 1o valium online rezeptfrei bestellen mg. rezeptfrei kaufen : Ein neues Bünkischer Belebügung der Können erreicht. Geschlechter zu erschienen The current situation for drug users in Germany is characterized by a high incidence of needle-stick injuries compared with other European countries. A small proportion of non-serious injuries are associated with drug-related activities (1). In 2011, there were 2.5 million cases of drug-related injuries treated in hospital and more than 4 million drug users receiving treatment (WHO, 2012). From 2002 Valium otc uk to 2011 alone, the number of fatal overdoses has increased by almost 15%, while the number of drug-related accidents has decreased by more than 10%—in fact, there were fewer drug-related police incidents reported in 2011 than 2007.[1] In the aftermath of 2011 outbreak drug overdoses in Berlin, the Health valium in amerika rezeptfrei Ministry and Federal Association on Drugs Addiction (Ausbildung des Alkoholfreis) jointly issued a joint appeal concerning the growing number of drug-related accidents affecting German society, and called for improved response capacities and increased involvement of law enforcement agencies. "The current situation is alarming: drug use associated with some of the highest mortality, as well an increasing risk of fatal and severe drug intoxication. In the 2011 Berlin outbreak it took place nearly on a daily basis" says Joachim Stieger, Ausbildung des Alkoholfreis' deputy director (a) for health policy. More effective treatment and assistance The number of drug users treated for use has increased significantly in recent years, says Joachim Stieger: "The number of registered drug users has almost doubled over the last 10 years, while drug dealers are constantly shifting their business to other countries; so drug users are not only having no choice but to online pharmacy generic xanax resort the dangerous streets of countries bordering on Germany to purchase substances." However, drug addiction remains a serious problem. A large majority of drug problems involved with valium rezeptfrei kaufen ohne rezept drugs and addiction in Germany do not require treatment at the present time. According to Joachim Stieger, in 2010, approximately 45% of drug treatment patients for prescription drugs and 40% illicit stated that they had no drug use problem before their treatment. Treatment of drug-related physical injury caused by drug use is often delayed by the lack of doctors or by the lack of availability a local doctor specializing in drugs (a).[2] In 2010, just over half of drug users (53.7%) requested that a doctor treat them for physical drug injury or condition. Almost half of the applicants (46.5%) said a doctor usually treated them. Almost the same percentage (47.3%) admitted that the doctor knew and/or understood their problem, but failed to act in this respect. A further 7% said that despite hearing about the problem doctor failed to treat them during the three years preceding survey. Drug users in Germany report high levels of unemployment (44.7%), and nearly one in three (31.5%) are either currently unemployed or planning to become in the next year. lack of employment status in Germany is also linked with heroin abuse (Brenner, 2011). Therefore, drug treatment should be offered without discrimination, in order to tackle the root cause of this particular addiction, with the aim of preventing further spread drug misuse in the German context (Stieger, 2012; Hochheim, 2011).[3] Preventing transmission to children In the past six years, prevalence of adolescent drug use in Germany had been decreasing conjunction with the rising occurrence of drug-related suicide, especially among young males aged 15 to 24-years-old (Hochheim, 2011). Yet, the phenomenon is still prevalent, even among "at-risk adolescents"—those who are both at risk to starting take drugs and contracting drug-related injuries (Hochheim, 2011). Consequently, drugs should be considered as a possible route for transmission to adolescents, both sexually and through bodily fluids (Schnell-Molano et al., 2012). There is an urgent need for research on drugs of abuse and their effects in specific periods at different stages of the life cycle: adolescence and pregnancy pre-adolescent years adulthood In 2011, the WHO Collaborating Center for HIV/AIDS developed a new evaluation model of drug-prevalence measurement for Europe that assesses the trends of current or expected drug-use prevalence in the population. This tool has been applied in the context of current analysis drug-related accidents in Germany, and has generated an overall prediction of heroin-related drug injuries in the future (Hochheim, 2011). References Ausbildung der Können, Bundesverband Deutschen Staatsspektivbund (2011)

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